Wind and Solar
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“Because we believe your project
deserves the best minds with the latest

 A Company that is here to help

Wind and sun, these are two of the best ways on the planet to produce clean renewable energy.
SAROEN GLOBAL is the partner you need when capturing the wind and the sun is your goal.
At SAROEN GLOBAL our mission is simple, help your organization put the pieces in place to capture that renewable wind and solar energy and bring it to the public. When it comes to something this vitally important, you need the best minds with the latest information and technology working in unison.

SAROEN GLOBAL brings that information and technology to you whether you are in manufacturing, development, operations or an investor.We train and advise you and your team on best practices in the wind and solar industry. Even more, we bring our broad network of global contacts allowing you to form the strategic partnerships you need to be successful. From Business Development and Due Diligence to Project and Contract Management services that coordinate everything from start to finish, Operation and Maintenance to keep everything flowing smoothly and training courses that bring your team up to speed on the latest technology and regulations.

Here at SAROEN GLOBAL our 10+ years of hands on experience is our guarantee and that is why we say that Saroen Global is Your International Partner in Renewable Energy.

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