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Project Management

At Saroen Global, our Project Management covers well everything. From Development and Execution of your plans, expert Contract Management, follow-up till the Project ends, Monitoring all phases of your project and Assessment of Supply Chain requirements to ensure that everything is performing where and when it should be. Our Due Diligence Services will help you to make sure that all the Assets of your Projects have been properly managed and the very latest data has been provided. At Saroen Global, we will provide you with the tools you need  to have every aspect of your project under control.


Strategic Planning

Wind and Solar projects require an enormous amount of planning to make sure that all of the different parts come together as a whole. With Saroen Global at your side, you can rest assured that everything will be planned out in advance so that once things get rolling on your energy venture, all of those different parts fall into place.


Operation & Maintenance

Saroen Global realizes that projects of this size do not operate on their own and need constant maintenance to ensure that efficiency and production stays high and the Cost of Energy (CoE) is leaving up to the investor’s expectations. That includes Predictive and Preventive Maintenance to prevent problems before they become a failure, Corrective Maintenance so that old failures do not reoccur, planning for future Resources and Assessment of Supply Chain to make sure necessary parts and products are available when they are needed.


Development and Execution

At Saroen Global our more than 10 years of experience are at your disposal during the Development Phase of your Wind or Solar power project as well as its Execution Phase. The simple fact is that we have done this before and we have an intimate knowledge about what to expect, what challenges you might face and the solutions you will need to successfully overcome those challenges.


Contract Management

The Wind and Solar industry brings new and unique situations from a Contract perspective, which are unfamiliar to many companies and their legal departments. With Saroen Global on your side, you can rest assured that any and all contracts with the Wind and Solar equipment suppliers or EPC service providers, are all handled correctly, fairly and in a timely fashion.


Follow up and Monitoring

Once your Wind or Solar power venture has began, you can rest assured that Saroen Global will be there to Follow up that every aspect of your project is being done and to make sure that all is well, and running as planned. On this regard, our International Foot Print allows us to rapidly monitor across countries which means that no matter where you are located, we will be keeping an eye for you on things to ensure that your project is running smoothly.


Technical Due Dirigence

A company should never go into projects of this importance lightly. Here at Saroen Global we perform in-depth research to help you to avoid that a shovel-full of troubles is moved on your project. So, if something is missing or might affect your project negatively, we will help you to identify it well beforehand for you to request and implement the necessary changes.


Supply Chain Assessment

Wind and Solar projects of this size and magnitude require an enormous amount of supplies of every kind. At Saroen Global we realize that a proper Supply Chain is the lifeline to your project. Our Supply Chain Assessment means that the supplies you need to complete your project correctly and on time will be there when you need them.


Health & Safety

Any energy project of this magnitude and scope requires an enormous amount of manpower, from construction workers to scientists, contractors to truck drivers and many more. The Health & Safety of those people is paramount to your success and here at Saroen Global, we take the health and safety of every person working on your project very seriously. Indeed, it is one of the project’s highest priority.


Cost Savings

A Wind or Solar power project entails enormous costs. We realize that fact here at Saroen Global and we also realize that keeping those costs down, wherever possible, is a priority. That is why, from start to finish, we are constantly assessing ways of keeping the Cost of Energy down while at the same time keeping standards high.