Intelligent use of data to maximize power generation

Wind farms 4.0: IoT, SaaS, Cloud Computing

Large volumes of data from sensors integrated in all components of the wind farm. Trend analysis through graphics and KPIs, general and specific, according to the particular circumstances of each wind farm.

Evaluation of key operating data such as: wind farm availability, alerts about stops, compliance with activities or loss calculation.

Real-time information for decision-making using SAGLAN technology.

It includes

  • KPIs analysis

    LPF – Loss Production Factor
    MTBI – Meantime Between Inspections
    MTBF – Meantime Between Failures

  • Deviations from availability

    According to time and power generation

  • Stops alert

    According to type, category, severity, frequency or percentage

  • Task forecast

    Compliance control of scheduled activities

  • Calculation of losses

    By wind turbine and by park

  • Access to the App

    For remote control of the park

  • Scalable dashboard

    General view, by wind farm and by wind turbine

  • Automatic reports

    Customized through the App

SAROEN Apps for the Maximization of the production

Check & Report
Automated Report Writting

· Initial and final
· Daily, weekly and monthly

Trends & Diagnostics
Autonomus Learn

From computerized variables with Machine Learning

Trends & Diagnostics
CMS Analysis

Diagnostic based in Condition
Monitoring System

Visual Management
Downtime Monitoring

According to availability contract and stop alerts

Check & Report

Schedule maintenance tasks according to:
· Wind forecast
· Power generation

Loss Production

Calculated by:
· Wind turbine
· Wind farm

Park Availability

Deviations according:
· Time based
· Power generation

Power Rate

Power curve by:
· Wind turbine
· Date range

Trends & Diagnostics
Smart Detentions Planner

Anticipating failures and scheduling their resolution

Check & Report
Smart Planification

Fulfillment of scheduled activities with task creation and editing

We develop 4.0 digital tools for the smart management of renewable assets. Get to know the different Apps in the SAROEN Marketplace.

Make decisions that guarantee the profitability of the asset


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