Unlocking renewable energy asset potential

The underperformance of an asset is not just an economical issue to solve, it has to be seen as a missed opportunity to increase energy generation and extend the life cycle of the asset.

The life of a renewable asset begins right before the civil works for the construction of a wind or solar farm, and extends until the end of the useful life of a facility.

During the process: technical inspections, supervision of construction, product maximization and trend diagnosis group all opportunities of improvement through the use of advanced technologies.

To pursuit efficiency, all the elements that take part in the energy generation process should be digitized: taking this data from the physical world, connecting it to the internet, processing them through the use of machine learning and monitored with visual data. The actions based on this information will be applied to the physical world, completing the IoT process: from Physical to Digital and from Digital to Physical.

At Saroen we cover all project stages to guarantee independent information that ensures maximum sustainability of the project: economical, social and environmental, extending its life cycle.