Welcome to the awakening of the new industry 5.0

Since the First Industrial Revolution, humanity has understood the potential of applying technology for progress. Industry has focused on developing powerful technology in order to increase their productivity and efficiency. 

Industry 5.0 changes this paradigm since it calms the emphasis placed on technology and assumes that the true potential for progress lies in the collaboration between humans and machines. This goes further trying to balance human-machine interaction, which is able to provide a higher profit. 

One of the progress of Industry 5.0 is the development of a new generation of robots. They are called “co-bots”: collaborative robots, designed by humans to humans, for a simple and intuitive interaction.


The previous stage, Industry 4.0, was –and still is– the time of automated technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning. At Saroen we are used to the smart industry, which will continue to play a major role in industry 5.0.