Wide range of advanced tools added to our Marketplace

The acceleration in the number of features for our Applications is widely spreading as the consequence of our tech addition.


The high performance Apps you can find available at our Marketplace –as a result of Saroen and Saglan partnership– offers to renewable energy owners a suite of solutions divided into four families:

  • Check & Report: all the work traditionally done manually digitized without leaving anything and anybody out of supervision.
  • E-calculator: performance indicators, numbers and data that should be taken into account, monitored and ready to be evaluated.
  • Trends & Diagnosis: everything that can happen is identified before it happens with the measurement of behavior patterns.
  • Visual Management: graphic information and visual data customized by the user for personalized reading and interpretation.

Saroen with its expertise on the performance of clean energy facilities –such as wind and solar– and Saglan as the digital technology provider joined forces to improve asset management worldwide.