The Challenge of Digital Transformation for Mechanical Tasks

Activities traditionally carried out by personnel specialists in the field, are accompanied by advanced systems for optimal project management.

Tasks such as visual inspections of defects are carried out by artificial vision, the evaluation of the fulfillment of a project is determined by crossing the data entered before and those detected by sensors automatically.

Reports to evaluate industrial processes can also be monitored in real time, without waiting for their manual preparation and final evaluation.

A change in work processes, multiple advantages for an Advanced Industry 4.0.

  • Greater efficiency in terms of time optimization
  • Greater economic profitability due to anticipation of failures
  • Greater reliability as it reduces error factors

About Saroen: Saroen is a renewable energy advanced advisory 4.0. that combines deep knowledge of wind and solar energy market with cutting-edge technologies to deliver agile, digital, online and smart renewables assets management.