Saroen Launches One-of-a-Kind Digital Energy Marketplace to Empower its Customer Experience CX

Towards a smarter management of its renewable assets

Saroen, the advisory 4.0 firm transforming how “green investors” digitize their systems, has launched the –only wind and solar focused– suite of solutions built to drive the customer experience within the renewable energy market.

The Saroen Marketplace is unlike a traditional storage place by providing a common framework for companies to collaborate towards the future of smart asset management. The platform brings cutting-edge applications, solutions and algorithms together to solve modern-day energy assets challenges.

Funds, lenders and utilities struggle to find solutions due to complex data utilization and the lack of a standard. Using the solutions offered throughout the Marketplace, our customer can rapidly accelerate their digitalization process through Apps such as:

  • CMS Analysis
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Asset Development Progress
  • Smart Detentions Planner
  • Automated Report Writing

Best known for developing the Marketplace, Saroen empowers energy production companies to build data-driven applications and analytics for the energy systems of tomorrow. The platform takes a machine-learning, algorithmic-driven approach to build smart assets and improve the return of investment.

For more information of the Saroen Marketplace please visit: