Saroen is committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Historically, the term cleantech was used to refer to a wide range of technologies and practices, ranging from solar and wind energy production to process improvements that can increase efficiencies in supply chains and production lines. 

Today, mainstream discussion of environmental issues has tended to use terms with a more explicit environmental connotation, such as “green technology” or “eco-friendly energy”.

For instance, as an investment category, consisting of products, services and processes designed to: 

  • Improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources 
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact, and… 
  • Provide superior performance at a lower cost compared to existing solutions

In other cases, the term refers to methods of reducing the negative environmental impact of otherwise conventional technologies such as coal power or natural gas. In this context, terms such as “clean coal”, “low-carbon” or “carbon neutral” are commonly used, although many environmentalists question the validity of this usage.

At Saroen we are committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions while creating substantial value over time and aligned with the outlook: Digitalization, Decarbonization and Decentralization.